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The CGI-Dolly is the latest equipment update from Move’ n Shoot for CGI-car photography.

It enables the Photographer and Art Director to create moving background shots on location, that are truly 3 dimensional including any kind of curve movement.

The motion control software gives you 100% control, flexibility and repeatability to match the real world situation, as if the camera were actually rigged to the car.

Advantages of motion control:

Combining layers from various shots, darker skies,      different road surfaces wet/dry, different speeds
Captured Images are overlayed exactly for consistent      fast retouching
Shifting camera back and Panorama stitching
High Definition Resolution Image [HDRI] background      shots / HDRI spheres
Fast resetting back to Hero position for different options

On Location:

The CGI-dolly can be setup fast and easily in any terrain landscape situation on the ground, with tripods or even under slung from a cherry picker.
It can also be setup with wheels, to be able to shoot at different locations along the way to achieve more background options and is ideal for stock photography.

With the CGI Dolly we can produce a HDRI motion blur sphere that matches the curve created for the background plate with any desired amount of motion.

The CGI-dolly is available at all Move-n-shoot locations. All Move 'n Shoot operators are expertly trained with the new equipment and software.

True background blur. True reflection blur.

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