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· Motion-controlled, 2-axis camera rig for mounting under picture car
· Mountable to the front, rear and sides of the picture car
· Innovative, repeatable camera movements on moving vehicle


· Pan: Left / Right 220°
· Tilt: Up / Down 90°
· Compatible with remote camera head
· Motion-controlled, fluid movements



   · Maximum rig length: 5 m
   · Maximum speed: 80 km/h
   · Pan: 220° in 5 sec.
   · Tilt: 90° in 4 sec.

These limits are depending on the following variables: driving technique, road surface, acceleration, deceleration. We are not "frame accurate" per se, however, frame positions and vector data are memorized for each repetition and are usable for editing.


Recommended head and camera combinations
· Head: 2 axis Mini Scorpio Head or Doggicam Sparrowhead
· Camera: Arri 235 / 435
(Other combinations are possible)


Start - Up
· Set up time after 1 prep day: 1.5 - 2.5 h

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Steps of Programming
· Allow 15 - 45 minutes of program time per shot, depending on complexity of move and familiarity with MOTORIG
· MOTORIG movements: move to start, mid points and end points, save data
· Enter duration of movements and set up curves
· Save up to 4 separate rig movement sequences
· Run MOTORIG movement while memorising camera head movements with joystick or wheels
· Save up to 5 separate camera head movement sequences
· Select recorded camera head movement
· Ready to go. MOTORIG initiates sychronized start of rig arm and camera head via start button within picture car, wireless button outside the car, or wireless beam trip for precise car positioning.

Future developments: data exchange with 3-D programes for pre-configured camera movements.

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