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The MOTORIG is a movable, motion-controlled rig (arm)

for the use of driving car shots.


The MOTORIG can be mounted on the front, side or rear

under the car, achieving new perspectives and unrealised

fluid camera movements.


It is compatible with Mini Scorpio remote head (2 axis )

and Arri 235 / 435 camera combinations.

Max. Rig length 5 m
Max. speed 80 km/h
Pan: left and right 220° in 5 sek.
Tilt: up and down 0- 90° in 4 sek.

The above specifications are dependent on

driving conditions and equipment.

Set up time after 1 prep day: 1.5 - 2.5 h
Set up time from one car to another 3 - 4 h


After being familiar with the MOTORIG allow 30 - 90 minutes

programming per shot.


Movement positions and vector data are memorised and

capable for editing.
Future developments, possible data exchange with 3-D

programmes for pre-configured camera movements to

the MOTORIG for post production requirements.

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