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MOTORIG is a motion-controlled camera rig that is mounted to the undercarriage of the picture car.


MOTORIG is compatible with the Service Vision Mini Scorpio 2-axis head and the Doggicam Sparrowhead (both are recordable and repeatable).


Max. Rig length 5 m
Max. speed 80 km/h
Pan: left and right 220° in 5 sec.
Tilt: up and down 0 - 90° in 4 sec.

The above specifications are dependent on driving conditions and equipment.

Set up time after 1 prep day: 1.5 - 2.5 h


Allow 15 - 45 minutes of program time per shot, depending on the complexity of the move and familiarity with MOTORIG.


We are not "frame accurate" per se, however, frame positions and vector data are memorized for each repetition and are usable for editing.

Future developments include data exchange with 3-D programs for pre-configured camera movements.

futher specifications

--- Not available before October 2014! ---